CollabNet, the leader in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions for enabling business agility at scale, today announced the release of the latest version of TeamForge. The latest version of TeamForge further entrenches its position as the only ALM platform that streamlines development and delivery efforts across the entire software lifecycle, regardless of team locations, tools or processes.

TeamForge 7.2 adds a wealth of additional features that further enable global organizations with:
• An Open ALM Platform that integrates with individual teams’ favorite point tools to deliver higher quality software faster and be responsive to their business needs.
• Flexible Process Templates that enable scaling of company-wide tool chains and repeatable processes for consistency and operational efficiency.
• A Collaboration Architecture that allows mapping of business lines and enterprise technology architectures into categories, groups and projects to drive global visibility and organizational improvement.

The new enhancements further differentiate TeamForge 7.2 by becoming the only ALM platform capable of delivering traceability and visibility across all stages of the software development lifecycle—from planning through delivery—regardless of tools, processes and geographic location. New reporting features take advantage of the platform’s unique ability to gather development activities in real time and now extend that data through role-based dashboards and powerful customizable reporting capabilities for executives, managers and development teams. Additionally, the new version of TeamForge includes Agile planning and tracking features to help to make teams more effective and a deeper integration with Git/Gerrit helps teams securely adopt the most popular open source SCM tool.

“For large organizations seeking greater agility, there is growing realization that workgroup point tools and monolithic ALM platforms don’t scale to the heterogeneous mix of tools and processes used across the modern application delivery lifecycle in the software connected world,” said Bill Portelli, co-founder and CEO for CollabNet. “TeamForge continues to evolve to meet the needs of customers that are connecting disparate tools and processes across interconnected applications into a single, collaborative platform to streamline efforts and gain insights into their efforts. This open, federated approach together with TeamForge’s collaboration architecture leads to a more agile response to market demands by accelerating software releases and the ability to scale Agile and DevOps initiatives.”

CollabNet’s TeamForge provides teams with flexibility and choice—to adopt the tools and processes they want in order to make them most productive. At the same time, its centralized management and system-of-record capabilities provide a single platform that executives can use to track progress and gain real-world metrics across their organization to make better and faster decisions. The heart of TeamForge centers on distributed team collaboration, knowledge sharing, code reuse and software lifecycle visibility and governance. Many of the largest and most demanding software organizations, with up to 70,000 users, deploy TeamForge to gain true enterprise agility through Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery initiatives.

TeamForge 7.2 is available now and includes the following new enhancements:
New Lifecycle Metric Reports: A major new enhancement to TeamForge includes an industry first and unprecedented full audit trail and unprecedented visibility across all projects in a global organization—from “upstream agile” to “downstream ALM”, i.e., an “Idea” be it a requirement, User Story, or task through to a deployed package in production. For instance, Cycle Time report Types tells management “how long” it takes its global project teams to translate requirements and tasks to build, test, stage and production deployments. Velocity Report Types provides management with a view as to “how much” work their global teams perform by providing insights such as task and issue burn down/up charts, commits and builds per day/week/mo., deployment frequency and more. Finally, Community Metric Reports provide organizations with a measure of “team engagement”, allowing management to measure how often the projects and tools are being accessed by global workgroups.
For organizations looking to scale Agile and DevOps initiatives, TeamForge provides visual velocity diagrams and charts, and specific metric reports for forecasting and tracking enterprise-wide progress. It also provides portfolio scope analysis and dynamic planning to identify potential bottlenecks and roadblocks early.

Agile Planning and Management: TeamForge includes new features to better support Agile software development and DevOps at scale. This includes new Task Planning boards that can provide full traceability from planning through coding, build, test, and delivery; expanded reporting (burns, integration flow charts, artifact age reporting, commit vs. done); automated notifications and integrated tracking.

Full Lifecycle Traceability: TeamForge integrates distributed ALM and collaboration tools into a common platform that improves both project-level as well as enterprise-wide agility while providing enterprisewide control and visibility into all development lifecycle activities. New features focus on enterprise Agile support, cross-functional reporting and tighter tracking of tasks associated with third-party development tools. The new version of Orchestrate, TeamForge’s lifecycle activity stream visualizer, now includes support for extensive work item associations, default pipeline views, and automated notifications of activity stream updates to keep project team members in sync.

Enhanced Git Support: TeamForge now has stronger integrations with the latest releases of Git and Gerrit. For enterprise use of Git and Gerrit, new features include history rewrite resurrection, configurable Git push/history notifications, ability to permanently delete Gerrit projects and view TeamForge Project-scoped dashboards simultaneously.

CollabNet TeamForge 7.2 is available now and is being demonstrated this week at Agile2014 in Orlando ( For complete information please visit