Workers find that sharing documents via email is convenient – until version mismatches begin to occur, and IT tells them they have too many emails and must delete some. So, with the goal of reducing the back-and-forth and volumne of emails, a startup file sharing and document collaboration company called SkyDox is releasing software enhancements to SharePoint that it says act like “a SharePoint document library on steroids.”

Founder and CTO Barrie Hadfield, who earlier had begun document collaboration company Workshare, said SkyDox has been in development for two years to provide users with a better document experience than in email. The platform, he said, “provides not only files but content and pages and messaging is integrated into it.”

“It’s almost next-generation blogging,” he added. “You can put a document into a space, and people can view and comment in that space.” Files can be kept in multiple folders in SkyDox without the need to make copies of the files, and any changes to the file trigger alerts to all collaboration team members.

Further, he added, the software makes it easier to include people across organizational boundaries, without having to provide permissions into your SharePoint Server. “It provides an interface into the document,” he explained.
A basic, professional version of the software is free; a business edition is priced at $15 per user with volume discounts available. Visit the website for more information.