Compuware’s Gomez Application Performance Management system now offers support for deep-code analysis after integrating with dynaTrace, which the company acquired earlier this year.

“Compuware’s Web load testing is an inside-out solution. Integrated with dynaTrace, this offers deep-code analysis of websites and applications,” according to Eric Schurr, senior vice president of marketing for Compuware’s Gomez platform. He added that this now is part of Compuware’s 360º Web Load Testing offering.

The Compuware Gomez platform, available as an on-premise and SaaS solution, has also added dynaTrace deep-code analysis integrations into the SaaS platform for automated Web testing. This allows developers to set up tests for websites and applications at specific intervals throughout the day—and around the world—to see how a particular website or application performs at a given time in a given location.

Additionally, developers can now monitor native Android, BlackBerry and iOS applications with the Gomez Mobile Real User Monitoring Conversion Analytics solution. This is plugged into a native application or a mobile website, and can report how application performance is affected by a variety of factors, including signal strength, battery power, memory and end-user habits.

Additionally, Compuware has partnered with Google to enhance Google’s new “Make the Web Faster” initiative. Schurr said that Google’s “mobile page speed” solution allows application developers to submit their applications for testing, and then Google gives suggestions on how developers can improve the performance of their application. As part of the Gomez Mobile Readiness Scorecard offering, Compuware will offer its SaaS solution as part of this initiative.

Gomez also offers support through the SaaS automated testing platform for adaptive streaming. Streaming video, Schurr said, can be coded in applications so that the video adapts to the connection speeds available, making the overall video quality better and reducing the amount of data used on the device.