The open-source platform for building serverless and event-driven applications, Knative, is entering the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as an incubating project.

“Knative is a powerful technology that is well integrated with a variety of other CNCF projects and the cloud native ecosystem, making it easier to run serverless containers on Kubernetes,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of CNCF. “We think the project will benefit greatly from cultivating its community under CNCF and moving to a fully open governance model under the foundation, allowing it to grow even more by reaching new contributors and end users. We look forward to working with the Knative community and welcome the team’s contribution.”

Knative helps reduce the barrier to entry for developers to work with Kubernetes because it allows them to manage, monitor, and operate it with less technical knowledge and time. 

It is made up of two main components: Knative Serving and Knative Eventing. Knative Serving runs serverless containers and manages details of networking, autoscaling, and revision tracking. Knative Eventing provides universal subscription, delivery, and management of events. 

The project started at Google in 2018 and was developed in partnership with IBM, Red Hat, VMware, and SAP. It has since grown to over 1,800 contributors, and it is in use in production at Alibaba Cloud, Bloomberg, IBM, and VMware. 

Knative 1.0 was released in November 2021, and the latest release is v1.2. Periodic releases come out every six weeks.