TestPlant and Undo want to help bridge the gap between development and testing. The companies announced a strategic technology partnership to combine TestPlant’s eggPlant Functional solution with Undo’s record, rewind and replay technology. According to the companies, this integration will help improve teams’ ability to find and respond to software failures.

“Testing is vital to the success of Continuous Integration, and enhancing eggPlant’s capabilities with Undo’s technology provides developers with the ability to rapidly respond to failures in production and test environments,” said Antony Edwards, CTO of TestPlant. “With this integration, we are providing Linux and Android developers with the ability to increase their debugging productivity by at least 50% and significantly improve software quality.”

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EggPlant Functional is a test automation solution for functional testing. It features the ability to test the user experience for any device in a variety of different languages and from any host operating system. In addition, developers can quickly create automated tests, and test multiple scenarios on multiple devices.

Undo’s Live Recorder solution aims to give developers precise visibility into their programs, find bugs easily, and increase development productivity. In addition, Undo’s recordings can be debugged offline and shared with other developers.

“When a test fails, our technology captures an exact replica of the failure as it occurred and automatically sends that recording to the development team for analysis,” said Greg Law, CEO and cofounder of Undo. “This cuts out the effort involved in thinking about where an error lies, permits QA and engineering to communicate clearly as the recording captures all the information necessary to fix the problem, and reduces the time, stress and cost associated with finding and fixing bugs.”