Fusion-io today announced that NoSQL database leader Couchbase is optimizing to run Couchbase Server native on ioMemory through the Fusion-io software development kit. Couchbase will integrate its NoSQL database directly with this persistent memory through the Fusion-io Key-Value API, and will offer the code to the community as open source.

“In the 1970s, businesses first went online to automate. Today, businesses look to the web to innovate, and data demands have soared,” said Brent Compton, Fusion-io Senior Director of Product Management. “IT experts need an entirely new framework to manage and leverage the data we depend on around the clock, and running native on flash will help webscale applications like Couchbase Server continue to break through the limitations of yesterday’s infrastructure.”

Until recently, both database technology and storage were limited by using traditional approaches that did not keep pace with rapidly accelerating data demands. As society becomes more connected via the web and mobile applications, NoSQL database technologies have emerged to enable the cost-effective management of data behind modern web and mobile applications. Today, modern web applications are built to scale out to support more users. Innovative solutions like Couchbase Server NoSQL database are embracing new architectures like native access to ioMemory to support significant advancements in performance that enable applications to scale with demand.

Couchbase provides a tiered approach to scalability, permitting data to be cached in RAM and stored on flash with transparent migration of data between tiers to optimize performance, reliability, and cost requirements. Running native on flash supporting a cut through architecture, like ioMemory from Fusion-io, will reduce latency for Couchbase Server even further by removing complexity in accessing data. Early analysis indicates that running Couchbase native on ioMemory significantly improves sustained throughput for both random reads and writes. This accelerates the draining of write queues, the restart of a Couchbase cluster, and data rebalancing operations when adding or removing cluster capacity.

“Our users are increasingly deploying Couchbase on flash because it delivers performance and reliability at an extremely attractive price, and that value will improve even more for Couchbase users who opt to run native on ioMemory,” said Frank Weigel, Director of Product Management, Couchbase. “Like Fusion-io, we are committed to helping advance the industry through new approaches that address the computing challenges our customers face today, which is why we’re excited to be jointly developing this open source extension to Couchbase Server with Fusion-io.”

The ioMemory SDK libraries unlock direct programmatic access to native ioMemory access patterns and data organization methods. The ioMemory SDK includes application programming interfaces (APIs) within user-space libraries, as well as reference application examples available as open source. The ioMemory SDK libraries will combine underlying primitives, such as Atomic Writes and Auto Commit Memory, to accelerate application development cycles and system performance of popular applications.

The Couchbase Key-Value Store API is expected to be offered as open source in mid-July 2012. Select Fusion-io libraries and APIs are now available to early access partners through the new Fusion-io Developer Program. To apply for early access to the Fusion-io Developer Program, please visit https://developer.fusionio.com.

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