Couchbase wants to change the way mobile applications are built. The NoSQL database company has just released Couchbase Mobile, a new suite of products that allows developers to build apps without the need for Internet connectivity.

“Until now, mobile applications were built with the requirement that data must be stored in the cloud because it has been too hard to store and sync data from the device,” said Bob Wiederhold, Couchbase’s CEO. “Couchbase Mobile changes all that. Our mobile products give developers everything they need to build always-available and always-responsive applications in a fraction of the time it currently takes. With Couchbase Mobile, the network no longer impacts application performance. When the network is unavailable, the app just works.”

Couchbase Mobile consists of three components: Couchbase Lite, Couchbase Sync Gateway and Couchbase Server.

Couchbase Lite, the mobile version of Couchbase Server, is a full-featured and flexible native embedded NoSQL mobile database built from the ground up for mobile devices. It delivers all the features of Couchbase Server as well as multi-master replication and conflict resolution. It has native support for Android, iOS, OS X, Portable Java and Xamarin-supported mobile platforms.

Couchbase Sync Gateway allows replication between Couchbase Lite on a mobile device and Couchbase Server in the cloud. Other features include user authentication, access control data filtering, and data change validation.

Couchbase Server provides a scalable NoSQL database built on a JSON model for mobile apps that sync data with the cloud. Developers can easily modify apps without the constraints of a fixed database schema.

“With Couchbase Mobile, we reimagined how mobile applications should be built,” said Wiederhold.

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The NoSQL database provider also recently announced the beta release of Couchbase Lite for .NET.

“Our goal is to enable developers to build the next generation of mobile applications,” said Rahim Yaseen, senior VP of products and engineering at Couchbase. “Building a native .NET version of Couchbase Lite gives that community a faster, easier way to handle mobile data synchronization, eliminating one of the biggest challenges to building always-available, always-responsive applications.”

The beta release was a joint effort between Couchbase and Xamarin.

“Trying to write code to manage remote data synchronization is not fun,” said Miguel de Icaza, cofounder and CTO of Xamarin. “Couchbase Mobile products, and specifically Couchbase Lite for .NET, give our developer community a platform to write more robust, responsive and available applications in a fraction of the time it used to take.”