Countersoft has released Gemini 4.0, the latest edition of the award-winning project management platform. With version 4, Countersoft extends its reach to agile testing, which can now benefit from the ‘nimble’ Gemini experience.

The beauty of agile is that any team member can be called upon to perform the task most suited to their experience. Testing is no exception. Developers end up testing and testers end up developing. The drawback to this however, is that while the right person for the job may well understand the deliverable in full, they may not be familiar with the processes or systems traditionally used to monitor its progress and status. Take the testing example, test management packages have developed in parallel with agile project management, bug and issue tracking platforms. Few offer both the functionality and flexibility required by agile teams or the intuitive use that can help a multidisciplinary team achieve maximum efficiency.

Gemini has been developed to be not just agile, but ‘nimble’ – to serve the team that uses it, regardless of methodology. Gemini includes all the specific functionality that today’s agile and scrum developers need; if you are looking for product backlogs, burndown charts and the like, you will find them. In version 4, Countersoft has further developed Gemini to fully support testing within agile environments.

“We have close relationships with many agile Gemini users.” says Harvey Kandola, CEO of Countersoft, “We listened to their opinions regarding the transition to agile methods and the challenge of implementing testing within them. With Gemini 4.0 we have developed an easy to use but totally customisable solution that addresses many of the problems that were being expressed.”

If you are planning to, or are in the process of establishing agile teams, put in place a total project management platform that is affordable to implement, flexible enough to support all functions and lightweight enough to be enjoyed by all that have to work with it. Put in place Gemini 4.0.

Then, be amazed at the level of control and customisation that Gemini makes available to you, when you need it. Change taxonomy, configure layouts, set permissions, customise workflows and much, much more. Gemini keeps pace with your own development, changes and grows with you. Finally, Countersoft makes available the source code to Gemini, meaning that the most demanding customers can look under the hood of their project management platform and create totally unique implementations that perfectly serve their requirements.

Gemini is available in installed and hosted formats, both at very competitive pricing. To find out more, why not book an online, guided demo with one of our team. This, and much more, is possible via our website