SmartBear Software, the leader in software quality tools for the connected world, announced LoadComplete 4.0, the new and improved version of its performance and load testing tool for Web and mobile assets. LoadComplete 4.0 is packed with new features that allow performance testers and QA professionals to create comprehensive tests without scripting, saving time and significantly increasing efficiency. SmartBear has enhanced dynamic data correlation and added visual programming, making it easier than ever to create and execute load tests.

“Guaranteed application performance is essential for organizations striving to deliver superior user experience and increase customer satisfaction,” said Anand Sundaram, Vice President of Performance Products at SmartBear. “The focus of this version of LoadComplete is to reduce the time it takes to create and execute load tests, increase reusability and enhance the out of the box product experience for testers.”

According to Gartner 1, “Raised expectations for a high-performance end-user experience drive the need for development organizations to expand their quality focus to include performance testing across the application life cycle.” The report further stated, “Performance testing can identify bottlenecks and provide the necessary information to make changes in the application architecture to improve performance and increase customer satisfaction.”

LoadComplete 4.0 includes improved capabilities to handle session variables gracefully, ability to manually correlate variables, pre-defined data correlation rules for popular Web frameworks and technologies such as .NET, JSF and Java and a wizard to automatically create regular expressions. This drastically simplifies dynamic data correlation and reduces the time spent fine tuning load testing scripts.

With a heightened mandate on organizations to shorten test cycles without comprising on application performance, testing professionals are increasingly looking for ways to reuse the work done in earlier stages of the test lifecycle. LoadComplete 4.0 acknowledges this trend and allows for users of SmartBear’s automated testing tool, TestComplete, to convert their functional tests to load tests with just one click. The plugin is readily available in TestComplete 11.2.

Creating comprehensive load tests with end user transactions that mimic typical application flow is time consuming and requires the use of conditional logic. LoadComplete 4.0 provides a new and highly intuitive user interface to help create such tests without programming. Now testing professionals can drag and drop these controls to create powerful and flexible tests with branches and loops. These visual programming capabilities enable users with limited programming skills to create advanced tests effortlessly.

For more information on LoadComplete 4.0, visit: On Twitter, follow @LoadCompleteSB.