The stable release of Dart 2.3 is now available. The Dart 2.3 SDK offers new language features that improve the coding experience when developing user interfaces, new tooling support for developing Flutter UI, and two new websites: &

According to the Dart team, using a single language for both behavior and layout has huge benefits. It reduces context switching and allows all of the abstraction features of a general-purpose programming language when building a UI.

Dart 2.3 also presents three new language features that are fully composable and can be used in any context where one works on collections. The features are also included in Flutter 1.5. The full list of features can be viewed here.

Cambridge Intelligence launches ReGraph
Cambridge Intelligence launched the React toolkit called ReGraph to allow developers to add graph data visualizations to their applications.

Its data-driven API takes care of all the complexities of graph visualization and draws interactive charts that respond quickly and intuitively to data changes.

ReGraph uses WebGL rendering technology and is compatible with all modern browsers, operating systems and platforms. It is available to anyone signed up to the early access program.

BlazingSQL is now free on Google Colab
BlazingSQL is now available for free on Google Colab with NVIDIA T4 GPUs. BlazingSQL is a GPU SQL engine that runs faster than Apache Spark, according to BlazingDB.

Users can BlazingSQL by launching the Google Colab notebook, adding GPU’s to the runtime, and running the script that can be found here in Python cell. This includes 16GBs of GPU memory for free.

RAPIDS AI also became free to use on Google Colab last week.