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Google announces Flutter 3.7 and Dart 2.19 as well as upcoming features at Flutter Forward

Today the team at Flutter, the mobile app development platform created by Google, hosted Flutter Forward, an event to connect with the developer community and discuss what the future holds for Flutter. The event was hosted live in Nairobi, Kenya, as well as available for live, online viewing here.  The Keynote Address was delivered this … continue reading

Dart 2.12 available with sound null safety and FFI

The latest version of the programming language Dart is now available. Dart 2.12 includes stable versions of sound null safety and Dart FFI. Null safety strengthens the language’s type system, and will enable developers to more easily catch null errors during development. Previously, it was difficult to tell the difference between code that anticipated being … continue reading

Dart updates site with new scoring metrics for packages

Dart has announced it is launching a new version of its site for finding packages. The new site provides scoring metrics to help developers find potential useful packages.  According to Dart, 7,000 packages were published in the past year. The new scoring system takes into account three metrics:  How many likes a package has … continue reading

Dart introduces null safety

The Dart programming language has reached a new major milestone with the technical preview of its new null safety feature, the Dart team announced. According to the team, this feature has been in development for over a year, and is the biggest addition to the Dart language since Dart 2.  “Null safety helps you avoid … continue reading

Dart 2.7 released to be safer and more expressive

The Dart 2.7 SDK has been released. Dart is a client-optimized programming language designed by Google. The latest release is meant to be “a safer, more expressive” version of Dart. Version 2.7 comes with added support for extension methods, a new package for handling strings with special characters, an update on null safety and a … continue reading

Dart 2.6 released with dart2native

Google has announced the latest release of its programming language Dart. Version 2.6 comes with dart2native, an extension of its existing compiler with the ability to compile Dart programs to self-contained executables containing ahead-of-time compiled machine code. According to the company, this will enable developers to create tools for the command line on macOS, Windows … continue reading

Google Developer Days: Dart 2.5 comes packed with new developer features

Google Developer Days kicked off in China this week with new features and updates for the developer community. The stable release of Dark 2.5 SDK was announced with technical previews of major developer features.  The technical previews included ML Compete, a machine learning-powered code completion capability, and a foreign function interface for calling C code … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Dart 2.3 is available, Cambridge Intelligence launches ReGraph, BlazingSQL is now free on Google Colab

The stable release of Dart 2.3 is now available. The Dart 2.3 SDK offers new language features that improve the coding experience when developing user interfaces, new tooling support for developing Flutter UI, and two new websites: & According to the Dart team, using a single language for both behavior and layout has … continue reading

The Dart programming language reaches version 2

Google is trying to revive the Dart programming language as a mainstream language for mobile and web development with its latest announcement. Dart 2 features a complete rewrite of the web platform with a strong focus on productivity, performance and scalability.   “Dart 2 marks the rebirth of Dart as a mainstream programming language focused … continue reading

The Dart programming language plans a move to strong mode

The Dart team wants to enable developers to be more productive by giving them the features they know and love. According to the team, more developers are starting to use strong mode features such as early error detection. As a result, the Dart team will begin to move to strong mode as the standard type … continue reading

Rainforest QA

Rainforest QA Mobile App Testing, Dart 1.24, and Yahoo joins Verizon — SD Times news digest: June 14, 2017

Rainforest QA launched its new Rainforest QA Mobile App Testing solution, which offers crowdtesting that combines virtual machines and real devices. It’s built on Rainforest QA’s crowdsourcing and AI platform, and gives teams testing results without requiring additional engineering resources to manage. “Traditional mobile testing solutions that rely on testers using their personal devices take … continue reading

Google bolsters Dart, Node.js v7, and .NET Core 1.1 Preview 1—SD Times news digest: Oct. 26, 2016

Google is starting to put more energy into its programming language, Dart. The company has announced it the release of AngularDart 2.0, a framework designed for Dart and used in Google Web apps. It features API improvements, bug fixes and enhanced performance. Google also announced the developer preview of AngularDart components, such as material design … continue reading Protection Status