Apache Ignite 2.7 is adding new deep learning and extended languages support with the announcement of its TensorFlow integration and support for Node.js, Python and PHP. Ignite is a distributed database, caching and processing platform for transactional, analytical and streaming workloads.

TensorFlow is an open-source software library for deep learning and machine learning tasks. The official integration provides a way for users to use Ignite as distributed storage for TensorFlow calculations and store data sets across a cluster, the Apache Software Foundation explained.

“TensorFlow and Apache Ignite can be used together to provide a full toolset needed to work with operational and historical data, perform data analysis and build complex mathematical models based on neural networks,” according to Apache Ignite’s website.

The newly added language support for Node.js, Python and PHP is meant to address the gaps and limitations of missing native APIs for programming languages. Apache Ignite also supports Java, .NET and C++.

In addition, the latest release features fully transactional SQL. According to the team, this is one of the most anticipated features of the database. “You’re no longer limited to key-value APIs if an application needs to run ACID-compliant distributed transactions. Prefer SQL? Use SQL! Yes, it’s still in beta and might not yet be the best fit for mission-critical deployments, but definitely try it in your development cycles and share your feedback,” the team wrote in a blog post.

Full release notes are available here.