CData announced CData Connect Cloud which enables owners of cloud applications access to real-time data and unified connection. 

The cloud data connectivity platform provides a centralized location for organizations to manage various integration points and connections to real-time data from an ecosystem of data sources. 

“Organizations rely on the cloud more than ever before, but crucial data sources remain cut off and disconnected, holding businesses back from realizing their full potential,” said Amit Sharma, CEO and founder of CData. “By putting data into the hands of businesses on their terms, CData Connect Cloud opens the cloud up to a world of new possibilities — empowering organizations to adapt and change as quickly as their data does.”

CData Connect Cloud connects over 250 cloud applications, databases, APIs and services to allow organizations to quickly move and integrate data across the cloud with no coding, installation, or special skills required.

It also gives citizen data integrators and data engineers the ability to use real-time connectivity and their tools of choice, removing dependencies on IT, advanced programming skills, and other complex data movement processes. 

Organizations can improve their business analytics and initiatives by building sales dashboards and marketing analytics that update and inform teams in real-time, and can simplify compliance requirements in highly regulated industries.