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CData Sync Cloud brings CData’s ETL/ELT tool to the cloud

The data connectivity company CData has announced the release of CData Sync Cloud, a cloud-based ETL/ELT tool that brings the functionality of CData Sync to the cloud. The platform allows customers to replicate data from on-premises to on-premises, cloud to cloud, on-premises to cloud, and cloud to on-premises.  CData Sync Cloud provides integrations with over … continue reading

CData announces user experience updates in its 2022 release

The data connectivity company CData has announced the 2022 release of its drivers and connectivity solutions, and the update comes packed with features.  First, it announced the addition of several new data sources, including AlloyDB, Azure Active Directory,, Neo4j, Oracle ERP, Oracle HCM, Oracle Service Cloud, Outreach, Pipedrive, Reckon Accounts Hosted, Salesloft, and Zoho … continue reading

CData Software introduces CData Arc

CData Software, provider of connectivity and integration solutions, today announced the CData Arc platform. This release works to enable organizations to automate their B2B integration workflows in minutes and share data with partners both in the cloud and on premises. According to the company, CData Arc Cloud brings businesses comprehensive no-code B2B solutions in the … continue reading

CData Connect Cloud offers centralized place for managing data integrations

CData announced CData Connect Cloud which enables owners of cloud applications access to real-time data and unified connection.  The cloud data connectivity platform provides a centralized location for organizations to manage various integration points and connections to real-time data from an ecosystem of data sources.  “Organizations rely on the cloud more than ever before, but … continue reading

Data democratization and integration needed to take advantage of massive data explosion

Data is the key to success for all parts of a business these days. Data analysis is no longer limited to a particular data-focused team, but rather done by anyone looking to gain insight into how well their team is performing, determining business value, efficiencies, and inefficiencies, and so much more. But in order to … continue reading

A guide to API management tools

The following is a listing of tool providers in the API management space, along with a brief description of their offerings.  CData: Connect, Integrate, and Automate your enterprise data.  At CData, we simplify connectivity between all of the applications and data sources that power business operations, making it easier to unlock the strategic value of … continue reading

Overcome the data challenges of cloud adoption

Cloud adoption is at an all-time high, and an overwhelming majority of organizations run at least part of their business in the cloud. A 2020 report from IDG found that only 8% of respondents  claimed their total IT environment was on-premises, meaning that for 92% of companies, part of their infrastructure or applications are hosted … continue reading

Data warehousing is crucial to unified analytics across an organization

As organizations and their IT infrastructure grow more complex, the number of different places where data gets stored also grows. Gone are the days where a company had just one large database to look after; now data might be stored across several different sources.  “Historically data was stored in databases, on-premises. As we enter this … continue reading

CData announces newest update: CData Connect 2021

CData this week announced the release of the newest update to its data connectivity platform: CData Connect 2021. According to CData, the upgrades made to the platform include such new features as query federation, custom schemas, and derived views. These added tools are designed to improve the ways organizations relate to and connect with data.   … continue reading

CData emerges as a data connectivity platform — without the platform

With the explosion of data from today’s increasingly complex systems, the issue of data connectivity becomes more important than ever. CData, which has grown as a provider of drivers for data connectivity, is positioned for growth as a data connectivity platform — just without the platform. Instead, CData is focused on bringing data connectivity capabilities … continue reading

Simplify the way you connect to data sources and tools with CData Python Connectors

As data becomes more important than ever to business success, modern organizations are constantly looking for tools and resources that can help them harness and make sense of  that data.  CData is making it easier for users to connect to data sources and tools with the release of hundreds of new Python Connectors, which are … continue reading

CData Software partners with Tableau to expand cloud data connectivity

CData Software, a leading provider of standards-based drivers and data access solutions for real-time data integration, today announced a partnership with Tableau, the leading analytics platform, to extend real-time data access to a wide selection of cloud applications and data sources. Through the partnership, CData will provide enhanced data connectivity to Tableau customers through the … continue reading Protection Status