CData Software, provider of connectivity and integration solutions, today announced the CData Arc platform. This release works to enable organizations to automate their B2B integration workflows in minutes and share data with partners both in the cloud and on premises.

According to the company, CData Arc Cloud brings businesses comprehensive no-code B2B solutions in the cloud, allowing businesses across several industries to simply modernize and streamline their EDI, MFT, API, and application integration strategy.

The cloud solution also helps to reduce IT bottlenecks by ensuring that every user has the ability to connect their data and handle more complicated B2B workflows without the need to write or maintain code.

“CData Arc Cloud is a modern cloud-first platform that dramatically simplifies B2B integration, a market segment that has traditionally suffered in terms of innovation and investment,” said Amit Sharma, CEO and founder of CData. “With Arc Cloud, we will make it easier for businesses to trade with their partners and integrate systems without worrying about infrastructure.”

This release brings several new features, including an intuitive visual interface with drag-and-drop features, built-in reporting, and powerful business rules to allow teams to easily monitor and maintain integrations without the need for specialized skills.

Additionally, CData Arc Cloud does not require any installation, hardware, or infrastructure and it follows compliance and security protocols. 

“We had a technical gap that we needed to close – that’s why we were looking for a tool that could easily do the job of mapping EDI files and converting them into a format we can use,” said Rama Kakarala, leader of the enterprise data services team at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. “Our team has continued to leverage Arc’s powerful business rules to ensure our data quality remains uncompromised.”