At its annual conference, HasuraCon, the API and GraphQL company announced a number of new features and products, including the Hasura Data Delivery Network (DDN), Hasura Schema Registry, Hasura Native Data Connector for MongoDB, Native Queries and Logical Models, Open Domain Data Specification (Open DDS) and Native Data Connector (NDC) SDK. 

Hasura DDN is an edge network for running low-latency and high-performance data APIs. It automatically reroutes client requests to the closest Hasura instance, which minimizes the round-trip time and reduces latency. 

According to Hasura, DDN enables developers to iterate on APIs in under a second. Traditionally, building APIs requires developers to build, validate, and test the code, which is typically hard to do at scale and can take minutes or hours. 

It integrates with distributed databases, such as CockroachDB, Amazon Aurora, and YugaByte. DDN will be available soon on Hasura Cloud or can be self-hosted. 

Hasura Schema Registry is another new tool that makes it easier to manage, govern, and collaborate on federated GraphQL APIs. Developers can use it to control and audit schema changes, enabling greater confidence in pushing changes to production apps. 

The new Data Connector for MongoDB enables customers to use Hasura with MongoDB, which is a NoSQL data store. Developers can use the new connector to automatically create a GraphQL API from their collections and documents. The company already provides connectors to Snowflake, MySQL, MariaDB, and Oracle, but this is the first support for NoSQL.

Native Queries and Logical Models provide developers with a range of query possibilities and operations. According to Hasura, the new features enable developers to incorporate the capabilities of their database’s query language in Hasura’s auto-generated APIs. 

The company also announced new open-source innovations in Open DDS and Native Data Connector. Open DDS (previously known as GraphQL Data Specification) allows developers to create enterprise-grade APIs using a domain model-driven approach. 

Native Data Connector (previously known as the GraphQL Data Connector) allows developers to create custom data agents. By open-sourcing the project the company hopes developers will have more support for building their agents. 

“This is the largest and most significant set of innovations that we have created to date in our journey to make data APIs available and beneficial to all developers,” said Tanmai Gopal, co-founder and CEO of Hasura. “Hasura DDN introduces a number of industry firsts, and does more to reduce the time needed for data to make it from provider to consumer than any other Hasura capability. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished since the last HasuraCon, and look forward to showing the community what else we have in store.”