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LogDNA has announced Spike Protection to give companies more control over fluctuations in their data and spend. 

LogDNA Spike Protection gives DevOps teams tools to understand and manage increases through Index Rate Alerting and Usage Quotas to provide additional insight into anomalous spikes. 

The company also today announced its Agent 3.2 release for Kubernetes and OpenShift, which introduces the configuration of log inclusion/exclusion rules, along with log redaction, using regex patterns. 

Additional details are available here

Boomi adds Data Catalog and Preparation service to AtomSphere Platform

Boomi announced the addition of the Data Catalog and Preparation AtomSphere Service to the Boomi AtomSphere Platform along with a new Data operations Professional Services Offering (DataOps PSO). 

Data Cloud Platform is also now available as a fully managed cloud-based service to work with the rest of the Boomi AtomSphere Platform.

“We are leading the evolution of iPaaS to include key aspects of data management that address the common problems of data discovery, preparation, and governance that we often see integration projects suffer from,” said Ed Macosky, head of product at Boomi. “Customers no longer need to integrate multiple point solutions to share data between systems and data repositories – they can simply access the Boomi platform to holistically accelerate data readiness processes across their enterprise.”

Cloudflare launches new integrations with Microsoft, Splunk, Datadog, and Sumo Logic 

The new integrations with analytics partners will make it easier for businesses to connect and analyze key insights across their infrastructure, according to Cloudflare.

“CISOs want their security teams to focus on security, not building clunky and costly integrations just to get insights from all of the different applications and tools in their infrastructure,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “We saw an opportunity to make that process faster, easier, and cheaper, working with other top analytics platforms to bring added value to our customers.”

Cloudflare is also giving customers the ability to get insights from new datasets, take logs from anywhere with support for any storage destination and easily visualize data in a new user interface. 

Splunk announces $1 billion investment 

Splunk announced a $1 billion investment from Silver Lake that it will use to fund growth initiatives and manage its capital structure. 

In connection with Silver Lake’s investment, Kenneth Hao, the chairman and managing partner of Silver Lake, will be appointed to Splunk’s board of directors.

Under the terms of the investment, Silver Lake will purchase $1 billion in aggregate principal amount of Splunk’s convertible senior notes.