Talend has announced support for Microsoft Azure’s SQL Data Warehouse in Stitch Data Loader. The new integration will enable organizations to quickly ingest data and scale, the company explained.

According to Talend, the new connector uses Azure Blob Storage and PolyBase to bring data to Azure Cloud, and quickly loads the data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Meanwhile, Stitch Data Loader handles data type transformation, schema changes, security, and bulk loading.

AdaCore partners with NVIDIA to enhance security-critical firmware
AdaCore has announced that it is partnering with NVIDIA to bring the Ada and SPARK programming languages to certain security-critical firmware for applications that need strict safety and security capabilities, such as autonomous vehicles.

In addition, some NVIDIA system-on-a-chip product lines will move to a new architecture that uses the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture.

AdaCore hopes that these new initiatives will increase verification efficiency and achieve functional safety standard compliance.

Erwin releases Mapping Manager 9.0
Data governance company erwin has announced a new version of its Mapping Manager (MM), which is an automated data mapping solution. Erwin MM 9.0 is the first version of MM to be released as part of erwin’s EDGE platform since the company’s acquisition of AnalytiX DS last August. According to the company, erwin MM brings data management and data governance processes together in an automated flow to give organizations visibility and control over their data streams.

“Data governance starts with data management, but manually cataloging and documenting operational systems, processes and the associated data at rest and in motion has been time-consuming and prone to errors,” says Adam Famularo, CEO of erwin. “With erwin MM, knowledge workers can spend more time analyzing their organization’s data to produce meaningful business outcomes, and they can see where it is, where it’s been, how it transformed along the way, and if there are any associated sensitivities or risks. Then stakeholders have a full inventory of reliable information on which to base decisions, whether that’s meeting regulatory compliance requirements or adjusting customer service procedures.”

New Relic acquires SignifAI
New Relic has acquired event intelligence company SignifAI. The acquisition will enable New Relic to provide software teams with technology for predicting and addressing performance issues.

“We started SignifAI to help DevOps teams see and make sense of their operational data, from alerts to change events, regardless of source,” said Guy Fighel, who served as CTO and co-founder of SignifAI. “The team at New Relic shares our vision for bringing machine intelligence capabilities to businesses building and operating modern software and we are thrilled to join forces to accelerate and execute on our joint vision for customers.”