At the O’Reilly Strata Conference in Santa Clara today, Pervasive released version 5.0 of its DataRush software development platform, which introduces new integrations with Apache Hadoop. DataRush 5.0 can now be used with non-Java languages hosted on a JVM as well.

Davin Potts, director of product management for DataRush, said that the goal of the new release was to expand the appeal of the platform beyond Java developers. He said this was accomplished by adding “support for other languages that target the JVM. That means customers like [a company that manages data sets] can take [DataRush] and drop it into a Ruby-based tool kit for working with Hadoop. People developing Python applications in the financial sector can take this and use it in their language of choice. It’s not just a Java thing anymore,” he said.

Also key to expanding the appeal of the DataRush platform, said Potts, was the addition of new Hadoop-specific capabilities. Version 5.0 features new parallel readers and writers for the Hadoop file system, HDFS. Potts also said that DataRush can be used to optimize and improve the efficiency of Hadoop jobs.

Potts said that later versions of the DataRush platform will focus on more Hadoop integrations. He said that there are “a lot of opportunities around Hadoop. Some of those are going to be around optimizing and helping your jobs run more efficiently, with an eye to reducing cost to users of the cloud and getting things done in a shorter time frame.”

DataRush 5.0 is available today, and is priced on a per-cluster basis. Pervasive does not disclose pricing publicly.