Fifth, you must have a clear idea about what you are trying to achieve through your independence. Your mindset is immensely important, and your ability to identify your goals is essential. Your goals should start along the lines of the following: increased control over time, increased income, the ability to work from anywhere, and the freedom to pursue projects that interest you. However, these baseline goals are still not lofty enough. You must identify what you want and why you want it—only then will your business thrive at the level that is possible.

Finally, you must use your resources in such a way that opportunities continue to come to you. Generosity with those you engage with professionally, and those you give to charitably, will increase your value to the world and in turn will open opportunities up for you that would not be available through other means. There is an energy and power inherent in the world of business that transcends the mundane experience that permeates most people’s perceptions of it. Harnessing this energy and opening yourself up to richer ways of creating opportunities will lead to true success beyond what you likely think is possible.

There is endless opportunity. If you are a skilled developer that is open to ethical and creative approaches to business, you will never find yourself in a feast-or-famine model. You will have abundance, be of great value to those you work with, and achieve the rewards that are available to those who go into business for themselves.