Much like a spellbook does in the fantasy world of wizards and mages, this open-source project can give developers more power than they ever thought they could have.

Dexter Yang, a JS hacker, web app developer, and game/fictional world enthusiast, created a document from a bunch of commonly used links and learning resources that he would send to new web developers on his full-stack web development team. With his Spellbook of Modern Web Dev, he wants to give the complete view angle of modern web development, helping developers to acquire APIs, libraries, tools, services, best practices, and learning resources that are not outdated and are commonly used by other developers.

“The JS/web technology is like an ocean of stuff you don’t know. Simply collecting more stuff or composing dozens of ‘awesome lists’ into a single one will only exacerbate the Javascript Fatigue. So this document must stay lean and focus on the most frequent problems and the most commonly used stuff,” writes Yang on the GitHub page.

For each problem domain and technology, Yang tried his best to pick one or a few links. The links are not outdated, and are decided only by clear trends, empirical observation and working experience, and also public data and web scraping scripts, writes Yang.

While this GitHub project may not give you spell-casting abilities, it does give you 2,000+ links, projects, tools, plug-ins, services, articles, books and more. Yang welcomes you to submit the missing or better links in your opinion, as long as you provide a reason.

The full table of contents can be found here, and it goes through categories like HTML5 features, JavaScript, Node.js, universal web apps and web pages, servers, client side work, tooling, testing, and much more.

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