Following its recent investment from TPG Capital, CollabNet VersionOne plans on using its new $500 million to expand partnerships and creating comprehensive solutions that drive AI and value stream management (VSM) throughout enterprises. 

VSM solutions allow companies to capture, create, deliver and measure the flow of business value throughout their application development life cycles, a core component of today’s DevOps-centric work environments. 

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CollabNet VersionOne CEO Flint Brenton explained that ever since the company pioneered VSM, its growth rate has gone up dramatically. 

“To take us to the next phase of our growth and evolution, we needed a new partner … it was really time to find a growth-oriented partner like TPG to take us to the next level,” Brenton told SD Times.  

CollabNet noticed that the DevOps market is fragmented today and saw an opportunity to advance Agile and DevOps at scale by building a platform for enterprise customers.

The primary focus for CollabNet continues to be on medium to large enterprises that are committed to digital transformation and have a need to scale Agile, according to Brenton. 

“Scaling Agile to us means tying what the team is doing to the enterprise to the strategy coming out of the C-suite. It means allowing them to use world-class version control with our Git offerings and then automate the production,” Brenton said. “It’s really going to be taking people that want to scale Agile that haven’t gotten there yet and need a  platform like ours to do it right.”

TPG and CollabNet said they will work together to build on the company’s enterprise software success through organic investment and strategic acquisitions. 

“We have a few gaps that we could fill organically and there are a few gaps that can be filled inorganically through acquisitions. So it’s really on the right side of the need we’re going to expand,” Brenton said, adding that the partnerships will target areas that CollabNet would “never be able to get to in its organic development in our lifetime.”

One such area that the company is targeting for acquisitions is application release automation, which refers to the process of packaging and deploying an application or update of an application from development, across various environments, and ultimately to production.

Brenton said that this is a hot market that CollabNet is not currently active in, but added that he sees demand for it from CollabNet customers. 

CollabNet’s current core offerings include VersionOne for enterprise Agile planning and management, the VS value stream management platform for connected workflows and visibility throughout the entire delivery value stream, and TeamForge for enterprise-scale source code management and application lifecycle management. It also includes the recently released Ossum, a SaaS DevOps offering that integrates and streamlines software development from idea to release.

“One of the things that works really well about our VSM model is it doesn’t have to be all of our product,” Brenton said “We’ve got a very strong set of connectors that work out of the box. We integrate with what people need to use in their own business to build software. And we act as a unifying workflow for the enterprise and then we try to extend that reach beyond development into the functional departments.”