The DevOps Institute announced its lineup for 2022 events and webinars and plans for two new DevOps certifications. 

The new certifications include DevOps Practitioner and DevOps Engineering Foundation. Also, SKILup Days, SKILup Hours, and SKILup Festival 2022: A Live DevOps Educational Experience will provide insights and education needed by DevOps professionals in a wide variety of disciplines.

“As we ramp up our education and certification programs, we aim to empower the global member community with the skills and knowledge they need to further their careers and advance the DevOps initiatives at their organizations,” said Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute.

GitLab security releases for 14.6.2, 14.5.3, and 14.4.5 

GitLab announced the releases of GitLab 14.6.2, 14.5.3, and 14.4.5 for GitLab Community Edition and Enterprise Edition, which include important security fixes. 

GitLab strongly recommends that all GitLab installations be upgraded to one of these versions immediately.

Additional details on all of the security updates are available here

Apple App Store now has analytics for in-app events

App Analytics in App Store Connect helps developers understand how users discover and engage with their apps. It is now available for in-app events, which are timely events within apps and games — such as game competitions, movie premieres, livestreamed experiences, and more. 

Users can now view information about in-app events, including event page views, reminder and notification data, and the number of downloads and redownloads that were driven by your in-app events. 

DBeaver announces new app for managing databases

Database management company DBeaver introduced CloudBeaver, a lightweight web application for database management.

CloudBeaver supports many popular SQL and NoSQL databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra, and more.

CloudBeaver has a convenient UI for review and data editing, the visualization of databases objects, and a powerful SQL editor.