JetBrains, the creators of ReSharper, IntelliJ IDEA and other intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools for software developers, today announced the availability of dotMemory 4.0, their brand new .NET memory profiler.

dotMemory builds on the OLAP concept to make possible the search for memory intelligence. It offers ten different criteria to apply to memory usage data, so you can view data from thousands of different angles, and drill-down, dice, slice or pivot as you wish. What makes dotMemory unique, however, is that you can jump to any data slice at any time, visualize, retrace or revisit any steps in your thinking, or even spin off on a tangent—all without losing your train of thought—until you finally pin down the issue.

“Memory profiling is all about code hygiene and maintaining your app’s health, proofing against any possible problems ahead of time. We created dotMemory to make this good habit more widespread and accessible to every developer,” said Edward Pavlov, dotMemory Team Lead. “It’s got an easy learning curve, data representations that are informative and visual, and it matches and supports your natural way of thinking as you dig deep into memory issues.”

The key features of dotMemory 4.0 include:
• Powerful automatic inspections to instantly detect common types of memory leaks.
• In-depth analysis of memory usage issues thanks to multiple data views, some of which are unique and not to be found in other profilers:
 ◦ Icicles Chart—to take in the entire call tree and navigate to the parts you need in just a few clicks.
 ◦ Group By Similar Retention—to tell similar objects apart, and to single out the subsystems consuming most memory, all on a single view.
 ◦ Object Key Retention Paths—to determine what is holding the object in memory, quicker than you would by manually checking retention paths one by one.
• Remote profiling to detect memory issues in running production environments.
• Memory traffic analysis to detect what causes excessive garbage collection.
• Comparing memory snapshots to visualize improvements or regressions in memory usage.
• Support for various types of applications based on .NET framework 2.0 up to 4.5.1, including desktop applications, web applications and web services.
• Timeline view to capture real-time data.
• Profiling API to invoke the profiler from exact code positions in your applications.

To learn more about dotMemory 4.0 and download a free 10-day evaluation, please visit the official dotMemory website at

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