Dundas Data Visualization today announced the production launch of Dundas Dashboard v2.5, an extensible data visualization platform for building full business dashboard solutions. With this announcement Dundas continues to build on its stellar reputation as a software solution company that targets Business Intelligence customer needs and helps formulate answers as it relates to problems such as risk, underutilized capital, lack of competitiveness and overspending.
“We’re tremendously excited to announce this production launch,” said Mariana Stoica-Constantin, Dundas Director of Product Development.  “Version 2.5 offers some compelling new functionality, all of which helps to get dashboard systems and reports into the hands of those who need them – efficiently and cost-effectively.”
Some of the key tools within Dundas Dashboard V2.5 include:
Notification/Alert Services
Users can now view dashboards when a particular business condition has been met – and can be notified via email when a business metric has gone above/below a threshold for a given frequency (such as daily or monthly), or when someone has added or responded to an annotation.
In-Memory Caching

Dundas Dashboard now leverages on-demand in-memory caching to lower data-access times.  By adding this new paradigm into the platform, dashboards load faster than ever.
View Dashboards Anywhere, Anytime

V2.5 provides even more ways to share mission-critical data. You can now view dashboards as images, giving you more flexibility to share and view dashboards on any device, including mobile devices.
Powerful Scripting For Analytical Dashboards
Add scripts to analytical dashboards and create advanced views of OLAP/multidimensional data.
New Dashboard Project Manager
V2.5 makes it easier to import and export various aspects of dashboard projects. Users can now move individual objects such as virtual structures, business metrics – as well as entire dashboard projects.  The collaborative workflow is even easier to manage with these new enhancements.
Quickly Connect To More Data Sources
Version 2.5 now boasts additional native data connectors, including SAP BW and PowerPivot.
“Dundas Dashboard continues to expand a tool base that provides options and helps business leaders understand their data better,” Stoica-Constantin added. “With Dundas Dashboard it is essential for us to not only deliver a unique platform that defines areas for concern; it must also be the starting point for any solution.”   
The production release of Dundas Dashboard v2.5 is available now.  To get more information about Dundas Dashboard visit the Dundas website at www.dundas.com.