Dynamsoft Corp. has updated its SourceAnywhere version control software with project branch and merge features to enable better parallel code development and management amongst teams. Now, programmers can create project branches to work on different development paths and merge the changes when ready.

The new version control software from Dynamsoft is SourceAnywhere version 6.0. The branch feature lets users branch differing versions of code by latest version, a specified historical version, or a labelled version. The merge feature is wizard-based. It lets users merge code changes from a source branch to target branch. The changes can be auto-merged or resolved manually if any conflicts happen. Before a merge, users can compare the source/target branch version to the base version and also compare a source to target to see the differences.

The previous version of SourceAnywhere added 64-bit server support. This allowed the software to handle 500+ concurrent worldwide connections. It also improved memory availability and parallel processing performance compared to a 32-bit environment.
The software can be used within various integrated development environments (IDE). These include Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver and other IDEs compatible with Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI). SourceAnywhere provides a simple and cost-effective source control solution, and a replacement for VSS users, for small businesses or large enterprises.

“Seamless collaboration is important at all stages of the code development process,” said Amy Gu, Vice President of Dynamsoft. “So, naturally, anytime we uncover a way to add to SourceAnywhere’s collaborative strengths, we pursue it. The branch and merge features made available today offer convenient ways to help developer teams better work together.”

SourceAnywhere also boasts strong security expected by any developer to protect code. This includes built-in SSL and Blowfish encryption, password protection, and automatic encryption of source code and cache files during storage or transmission.

Pricing and Availability
SourceAnywhere 6.0 is now available. In addition to providing an enterprise software edition, it is also offered as a fully-supported software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted edition (SourceAnywhere Hosted). The starting price for SourceAnywhere 6.0 is $299 for a single user license. The purchase of a yearly subscription includes premier support and free upgrades to future versions. Full pricing details for all versions and a 30-day free trial are available at Dynamsoft’s website.