Electric Cloud, the leader in DevOps Release Automation, and cPrime, a global provider of software services for Agile-based organizations, today announced a partnership to help enterprise IT organizations better align tools, processes and services for DevOps success in the enterprise. With services and support for the ElectricFlow DevOps Release Automation platform, cPrime and Electric Cloud’s fast-growing roster of Global 500 customers will be able to support Agile velocity downstream into IT operations, and ensure that all tools, teams and processes are aligned throughout the entire software delivery lifecycle.

“cPrime has built a great reputation on helping companies leverage culture and technology to become more Agile. With our flagship Application Release Automation (ARA) platform, ElectricFlow added to the cPrime continuous delivery mix, together we will jointly enable safe and expedient Agile deployments downstream into IT Operations.” said Steve Brodie, CEO of Electric Cloud. “Our joint customers will benefit from our experience and expertise helping others just like them transform and streamline the overall software delivery strategy of large enterprise organizations.”

“Electric Cloud is clearly recognized as the industry leader in DevOps Release Automation, and our strategy is to partner and support best-of-breed products for our integrated services approach we call ‘Software Services Lifecycle Management,’” said Zubin Irani, CEO of cPrime. “We also look forward to introducing ElectricFlow to customers that are looking to automate and scale their DevOps initiatives.”

Electric Cloud’s ElectricFlow enables IT organizations to frequently and reliably deploy mission-critical applications at scale. It standardizes and automates software deployment tools and processes for consistent build, test and deployment procedures that speed cycle times, eliminate bottlenecks and reduce IT capital expenditure and operating costs. The platform’s proven scalability and extensibility allows organizations to automate any workflow and plug-in any tool or technology stack. Many customers leverage ElectricFlow as a shared internal service to power software delivery across all teams and releases worldwide. This supports the industry move to a centralized approach to DevOps Release Automation.

As Agile matures across the enterprise, and DevOps emerges as the next software innovation wave, the need to connect and integrate disparate teams and processes is a must. cPrime advances the manner and value with which software services are used into a more unified approach to support the larger strategic goals of the business. cPrime sees today’s software services – from developer training and manager coaching to strategic executive consulting – deployed as separate initiatives and focused only on specific areas of the software delivery process. As Agile and DevOps reach further into the enterprise, cPrime looks at how all services, tools and processes complement each other, and provides practical steps to create a unified services strategy (https://www.cprime.com/2016/07/understanding-sslm/).

For more information on this new partnership visit Electric Cloud at (http://electric-cloud.com) and cPrime at (http://cprime.com).