Embarcadero Technologies a leading provider of software solutions for application and database development, today released Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle, the latest version of its rapid application development platform for Windows 10, OS X, Mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT). RAD Studio 10 Seattle brings Embarcadero’s three million strong community of C++ and Delphi developers to Windows 10, enabling them to quickly extend their existing applications and infrastructure to Windows 10, plus OS X and Mobile. RAD Studio 10 Seattle also enhances software development productivity with an improved IDE (integrated development environment), runtime performance, and quality across all platforms; over 20 new coding productivity innovations; and double the IDE project size capacity.

RAD Studio 10 Seattle enables developers to easily build new data-rich, hyper connected, visually engaging applications for Windows 10, and quickly and cost effectively extend these Windows 10 solutions to OS X, Mobile, and IoT. New Windows 10 VCL Controls, Styles, and Universal Windows Platform services components enable VCL and FMX applications to be quickly and easily updated to Windows 10. An improved development experience features double the available memory for large projects, extended multi-monitor support, and enhanced Object Inspector. With RAD Studio 10 Seattle, developers can deliver applications up to five times faster across multiple desktop, mobile, cloud, and database platforms, including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 10.

“Microsoft’s successful release of Windows 10 and its record adoption are driving customer demand and creating major new opportunities for developers and software organizations that target Windows 10. With RAD Studio 10 we’re making it extremely fast and easy to build Windows 10 applications and upgrade older Windows applications to Windows 10, while at the same time extending those solutions to iOS, Android, OS X and IoT,” says Michael Swindell, Senior Vice President of Products at Embarcadero. “Over the years, Embarcadero has built the largest Windows developer base outside of Microsoft itself. RAD Studio 10 Seattle is by far our biggest upgrade in years, and it is focused on helping hundreds of thousands of Windows VCL development teams and millions of developers to bring their apps and customers forward to Windows 10 quickly, cost effectively, and with an enjoyable, high-quality and high- performance developer experience.”

RAD Studio 10 Seattle Benefits

  • Comprehensive Windows 10 support: Delphi and C++Builder developers can rapidly bring their VCL and FMX applications to Windows 10. Windows 10 and native UWP/RT components and APIs, Windows 10 VCL User Experience controls, and updated Windows 10 FMX support enable those apps with the latest Windows 10 features.
  • Double the IDE project capacity: A new re-architected product and build management system effectively doubles the IDE memory access resulting in greater stability and improved performance, particularly when managing large multi-platform projects.
  • First CLANG Enhanced RAD C++ for Windows 10 and Mobile: C++Builder 10 introduces the world’s first CLANG enhanced C++ compiler for Windows and mobile with RAD PME extensions for rapid Windows and Cross-Platform development. The new C++Builder compiler offers tight integration with VCL for Windows and FMX cross-platform frameworks; complete C++11 language support; ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) based memory management for C++ on mobile; and backward compatibility.
  • Quality, stability, and documentation: Major changes and improvements made to development, testing, and documentation processes better accommodate the many platforms and languages that RAD Studio 10 Seattle supports. New features and functionality across all supported platforms and languages with higher quality, stability, and documentation are integrated in RAD Studio 10 Seattle.

“As enterprises and ISVs accelerate their investment in mobile applications, the need for cross-platform development environments like RAD Studio is expected to intensify,” says Al Hilwa, research director for software development at IDC. “The release of Windows 10 is likely to drive additional new investment in refreshing existing applications with new user experiences.”

RAD Studio 10 Seattle, Delphi 10, and C++Builder 10 are available immediately from Embarcadero and its partners. For pricing, visit the Embarcadero online store at https://store.embarcadero.com/.