Xamarin is teaming up with SAP in order to provide an efficient and cost-effective way for developers to develop native mobile apps that integrate enterprise data and processes.

“We believe that mobile will be a critical part of every business process, and so we are very excited to be taking these first steps with SAP to help companies around the world go mobile,” Xamarin wrote in its blog.

As part of the partnership, SAP and Xamarin released a combined software development kit, the Xamarin SAP SDK. The SDK provides a .NET interface to the SAP Mobile Platform, full data-access capabilities and LINQ support.  

Built-in SAP Mobile Platform data-verification capabilities were added to the Xamarin Test Cloud in order to ensure mobile apps are running smoothly and synchronizing data with SAP systems.

A Xamarin certified consultant program is now available to SAP’s and Xamarin’s global consulting partners that provides resources and help for developing apps using SAP and Xamarin together.

Xamarin University has also been expanded to offer a course for enterprise developers that teaches best practices when developing Xamarin mobile apps with the SAP Mobile Platform.

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The partnership was announced at Mobile World Congress. More information can be found here.