[Tel Aviv, Israel  January 3, 2023] – Hetz Ventures, a leading Israeli seed venture capital fund focused on developer tools, DevOps, data, enterprise software, cybersecurity and fintech, today announced the launch of its very own open source GitHub analyzing tool called repoInspector. The tool has been used internally at Hetz for the past three years, informing decisions and providing unique perspectives, with an enhanced version now available for general use. By adding a simple Chrome extension, anyone can use repoInspector to access useful data about GitHub public repository activity, with the aim of deepening insights into user and market behavior and conducting incisive comparative analyses. 

While sourcing and investing in developer tools and open source software, the team at Hetz Ventures realized that GitHub’s API-accessible open source repo data had the potential to make smarter decisions around these technical verticals. Once compiled and analyzed in a straightforward manner with the click of a button, this data reveals important user demographics, including geography, company, professional role, and engagement level within the repo, which builds towards an extensive understanding of the broader market. repoInspector is simple to use, quick to deploy, and now open to the public, available to anyone in the industry.

“repoInspector will make it easier for anyone, but especially start-up founders, developers and investors, to better gauge the engagement and audience of a particular GitHub repository,” said Judah Taub, Managing Partner of Hetz Ventures. “Like the companies we work with, we are driven by tech and data, and the genesis of repoInspector is in part to benefit the ecosystem we share the airspace with, but it is also simply because this type of technical creativity, especially around stretching the use of data, is something we embrace at Hetz.”

repoInspector provides anyone who downloads the Chrome extension with access to useful data regarding open-source repositories. This data provides intelligence into the types of GitHub users who are most interested in a particular repository, while also demonstrating which users bookmarked or starred a repository – aka stargazers – as well as those who made a copy of a repository – aka forkers. More specifically, repoInspectors have access to a list of countries in which a repository is popular, (based on the activity of stargazers and forkers), the organizations to which a repository’s users belong to and the number of active versus dormant repository users. Utilizing the open GitHub API, Hetz Ventures has made it easier for anyone to access and study repository datasets.

Fully open-source, Hetz’ repoInspector tool is open to enhancement and building upon by the broader dev community – and it’s only the beginning, with future open source projects in the works. For more information regarding how to download the extension and get started, visit https://github.com/HetzVentures/repoInspector#readme.