Fonteva, Inc., a cloud ISV that develops innovative software solutions for vertical markets, announced today the release of its Spark Framework, a development framework natively-built on the Salesforce App Cloud. Spark enables users to efficiently build and manage flexible, scalable, and reactive business applications in the cloud. It provides a robust set of features and tools and connects to external applications with configuration, not code.

“Companies are looking for new ways to connect at speed with customers, partners, and employees,” said Brian Goldfarb, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Salesforce. “Fonteva is another great example of a Salesforce ISV leveraging the power of App Cloud to help businesses move faster and smarter by automating business processes and connecting people with data.”

The Spark Framework provides a smart framework for developers who are looking to quickly build enterprise applications, seamlessly implement Salesforce solutions and integrations, or efficiently manage complex environments.

“Developer Frameworks have been used to build the majority of applications deployed in today’s enterprise. In order for Fonteva to scale our business, we built Spark, a developer framework built natively on the App Cloud,” said Mac Anderson, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Fonteva. “Spark Framework takes care of your app’s core plumbing and infrastructure by providing a lightweight inversion of the control container, enabling today’s developers to build reactive applications in the cloud, fast.”

Developing custom applications can be time consuming, and creating integrations between alternate systems can require costly customization and API overage charges. Spark provides containers and APIs that dispatch and control logic so users can focus on building their core dependent apps without any interferences or code conflicts, along with troubleshooting, logging, debugging, and reporting features that reduce development and support costs.

“Frameworks have become indispensable to the developer of custom applications,” said Stephen Hendrick, Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Frameworks enable all aspects of an application to be developed faster, easier, and with higher intrinsic quality. Fonteva’s release of the Spark Framework for the Salesforce platform is wildly unique, as well as remarkable in its ability to simplify, streamline, and scale APEX and Lightning-based application development and deployment.”

Key Benefits and Audiences
A large Salesforce implementation may have many users, customizations, integrations, and additional apps required to support business processes. A developer for such an implementation can use Spark to easily manage integrations using configuration, not code. Spark can also be used to capture context-based usage data, identify and resolve conflicts and errors quickly, and provide better, more efficient support for users.

ISVs can use Spark to quickly extend the Salesforce platform into multiple customer environments, and make more informed decisions for product roadmap and development resources. Spark provides total visibility into customer behavior within applications, which allows vendors to provide proactive support for customers, upsell solutions in a targeted online marketplace, and offer more flexible pricing options.

The Spark Framework can also be used to integrate component systems with Salesforce and ensure that both systems work together efficiently. Spark creates end-points so business users can easily map integrations and make connections without coding. This point-and-click configuration method increases customer satisfaction and decreases downtime.

The Key Features of the Spark Framework include:

  • Developer Framework: Spark Framework provides a templated and patterned approach to building managed and unmanaged packages on the Salesforce App Cloud.
  • API Services: The innovative integration wizard enables users to create the connection and map values to your records through configuration, not code.
  • Environment Management: Spark Framework provides application performance and usage analytics, aggregated system logs, and a private marketplace of app extensions.

Fonteva’s software is now available in most currencies and languages, and ecommerce is available through over 98 payment gateways worldwide. As with all Fonteva products, all Spark Framework upgrades are included in the purchase at no additional cost.

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