QASymphony, the developer of qTrace, an intelligent defect documentation Quality Assurance tool that helps testers create practical, detailed and informative defect records, today announced a free version of its popular qTrace tool for testers and software developers.
qTrace solves the sometimes agonizing and time-consuming practice of reproducing and reporting of found defects during the software testing process.  While simple defects are easy to replicate, complex or intermittent defects require a lot more effort by testers to document and report.
qTrace is not a screen or video capture tool but is instead an intelligent capture technology similar to those found in sophisticated test automation tools.   In less than 5 minutes, a tester can have qTrace running, integrated with their defect tracking system, and more quickly create better defect records.
qTrace tracks user’s interactions with an application and uses that information to automatically create detailed defect documentation.  qTrace supports the recording of a wide range of applications and technologies on the browser as well as desktop apps.
“Software development testers are frustrated by the amount of effort it takes to communicate complex defects clearly to the development team,” says Vu Lam, CEO of QASymphony. “qTrace is an elegant solution that makes it simple for testers to isolate, highlight, and report software issues. It intelligently produces defect reports that contain detailed scripts of each test step, complete with screen shots and system information.”
qTrace expedites the QA process with more accuracy and brings products to market by as much as 20% faster and cuts everyday defect reporting by 70%.
Useful editing features include annotation tools such as call-out boxes, pointers/arrows, blurring and cropping, making it easy to further enhance the clarity of the defect report.
qTrace is available as a free edition or low-cost Pro edition and can be downloaded at (  In summary, qTrace:
• Reduces manual documentation efforts and increases accuracy of defect descriptions;
• Shortens defect resolution time by providing more information to the bug fix team;
• Complements and integrates with existing application lifecycle management (ALM) and defect tracking tools.

To see a video of qTrace: