SmartBear Software, provider of software quality tools used by more than one million developers and testers worldwide,­ eliminates the reason to invest in costly, complex load testing tools for Web applications with the release of WebLoadUI. Offering a range of features typically found only in costly tools and sporting a user interface that is intuitive and easy–to-use, the free performance, stress and load testing tool offers the more than one million developers in the SoapUI open source community and other developers the ability to easily load test Web servers and services without being tied down to trial periods or budget constraints.
“SmartBear has been supporting its growing SoapUI and LoadUI community for more than three years, and we are strengthening that commitment,” said Ole Lensmar, co-developer of SoapUI and Chief Architect at SmartBear. “Through our freeware initiative, we are making software tools available to our open source community and beyond so developers can contribute to improving the overall quality of software applications without high cost and technical obstacles. WebLoadUI is the first, easy-to-use, easy-to-get tool that allows developers to begin full load testing immediately.”
WebLoadUI puts enterprise-class features into the hands of developers for free. Using a simplified wizard-based interface, developers can go beyond pinging websites and simulate real user activity for a large number of virtual users. Key benefits include the ability to run load and stress tests on any Web server or type of Rich Internet Application (RIA), create realistic load tests by recording user scenarios on any browser, easily create data-driven tests by simulating users and using the over 15 built-in data generators. With WebLoadUI, developers can also produce powerful reports with full-detailed results and graphs.
WebLoadUI continues SmartBear’s commitment to offer standalone, fully-featured tools to drive product leadership and innovation through quality software development. This robust tool, designed and built by the LoadComplete development team, removes the two main barriers that affect the adoption of enterprise-class load testing tools by the SoapUI and development community – escalating costs and complex user interfaces. Together with a range of features that rivals other paid products and without any trial periods, it aims to be an essential tool for load testing within Agile and other software development lifecycles.
“WebLoadUI builds on our vision to help developers, especially the one million users in the SoapUI community, to create great, quality software,” said Niclas Reimertz, Managing Director, SmartBear Sweden. “By making it easier and simpler for all developers to load test Web applications for free, we are empowering quality software development which is the essence of our mission. The benefactors will be both the development community and the end users.”  
A paid version, WebLoadUI Pro, will be available later this month with more collaborative features and support specifically for enterprise software development teams.
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