CIOs, CTOs and development managers are risk-averse. There’s no ROI in building the wrong software; instead, you’ve wasted time, human resources and precious budget.

Thankfully, the mobile world has solidified into what for now is basically a two-horse race. There are still a half-dozen other platforms out there, to be sure, but in the mainstream in 2010, only two matter. The days of testing applications on dozens of handsets from another dozen manufacturers are over.

Whether you like the iPhone or not, Apple has changed the way developers build smartphone applications. The iPhone SDKs set a higher standard for building GUIs on a mobile phone—and raised everyone’s standards in the process. That’s why only the Android platform can really compete: It’s the only other phone platform that, in our opinion, offers an SDK of comparable quality.

Will new players enter or re-enter the market? Sure; RIM, Microsoft and others are still in the game. But they’ll find it an uphill battle. For now, developers can stay focused on two platforms, and that’s a win for the enterprise.

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