Colligo, a leader in enterprise SharePoint collaboration, today announces Colligo Briefcase 3.6 for iOS, a simpler, more effective way for iPad and iPhone users to work with their SharePoint content.  The new version allows mobile workers to annotate PDFs and edit Microsoft Office documents on their devices, even while offline, and easily sync changes back to SharePoint.

“This app was designed to be touch-centric.  It lets users work with content in PDF or Microsoft Office formats, and easily sync that content between SharePoint and their iPads or iPhones.  With this release Colligo offers the mobile workforce a much better way to get things done,” comments Trevor Dyck, Director of Product Management, Colligo.

Briefcase 3.6 for iOS includes two main feature sets. First, it improves mobility and productivity for users with its new integrated PDF engine, allowing them to easily annotate PDFs on their iPhone or iPad. The second feature set allows user to edit Microsoft Office documents online and offline with integration to Citrix’s Office2 editing applications.

“Imagine you are part of a group reviewing and editing a 200-page contract in PDF format — no small task. With Briefcase 3.6 for iOS, you can work offline on the document on your iPad, read it, mark it up, tag the content, share links and then easily save it back to SharePoint. This app is essential for mobile collaboration within an enterprise,” said Trevor Dyck. “Before Briefcase 3.6, users would need a second app managed at the corporate level to annotate documents from SharePoint or to effectively collaborate with others in the organization. Briefcase 3.6 for iOS doesn’t require a separate app for annotation, which reduces the threat of data leaks and delivers added security.”

Understanding the hybrid needs of customers, Colligo Briefcase 3.6 for iOS allows editing on the iPad and iPhone of cloud-based and on-premise Office documents stored on all supported versions of SharePoint.  For the disconnected mobile worker, Colligo’s advanced caching, sync and conflict resolution ensures all offline edits are handled correctly when connectivity is restored.

“This means you can start working on a project before heading to the airport, then take it on the plane with you, and after landing, reconnect and sync everything back to SharePoint, with all of your markup and tags in place. There is no need to be online to work productively,” added Trevor Dyck.

New in Colligo Briefcase 3.6 for iOS:
· Mark-up PDF documents and save to SharePoint, effortlessly:
o Annotate PDFs within Briefcase both online and offline, including securely annotate within PDFs to free hand drawing in multiple colors, add additional text, highlight important text, strikeout text, and add comments for other reviewers. (Enterprise version only)
o Switch between continuous scrolling and single page navigation for easy PDF reading.
o Find items quickly within PDF documents using search field.
· Edit cloud-based and on-premise Microsoft Office documents:
o Open and edit word documents, excel spreadsheets and power point presentations, using the Office2 app by Citrix, with simple tap functionality to save back to SharePoint.
· Colligo Administrator:
o Updated Colligo Administrator for pushing individual lists and libraries. (Enterprise version only)