Currently, only about 5% of applications are developed using a cross platform application development solution, yet 68% of developers expect to develop using a cross platform solution by 2015 (source: research2guidance).
So why aren’t more game and app developers utilizing cross platform application development solutions given the fragmentation of devices and operating systems? According to research2guidance, developers are shying away from cross-platform development solutions because of development complexity, which results in longer than anticipated development times.
Specifically the research shows that cross platform development vendors assume that nearly 90% of their client’s enterprise cross platform applications could be developed in days when in reality, more than 60% of applications take months to develop.
To address the challenges facing application developers, Gingee is rolling out a true cross platform application development solution which addresses the leading developer pains, available free: 
Gingee’s solution was developed to simplify the complexity of mobile application development by providing an intuitive drag & drop-like solution which enables developing without coding for iOS (iPhone & iPad), all Android versions and devices, Blackberry, mobile web and more. Gingee’s Independent Development Environment (IDE) then automatically generates high-end programming code. The usability and functionality of Gingee’s cross platform application development solution reduces application development time by 57% per operating system. By developing one code in one pipeline and distributing it simultaneously to all platforms, developers working with Gingee significantly reduce time to market.
With 38% of enterprise application developers rating the complexity of the cross platform development solution they work with as Very or Highly Complex (source: research2guidance), Gingee provides a cross platform solution which eases this pain.
The ease of use of Gingee’s technology was proven at a recent Hackathon, sponsored by advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) and Coca Cola, where most of the participants had never written a line of code. Despite their lack of coding experience, at the end of the Hackathon, all 11 applications were written using Gingee’s technology.
“If someone who has never written a line of code can come in and develop an application from scratch in the course of a weekend, you know the application development technology is incredibly user-friendly,” said Miguel Andres-Clavera, Creative Technology and Innovation Director, BBH.
Most cross platform solutions don’t deliver a truly uniform cross platform interface, so an end-user working on one application on their iPad and later on a Samsung Galaxy phone won’t have the exact same interface or user experience. Gingee’s cross platform application development technology is based on a proprietary algorithm which analyzes relations between objects and maps them uniformly to all operating systems and devices, ensuring a consistent interface and user experience across all devices and operating systems.
Gingee delivers near-native (~96%) performance because it communicates directly with the operating system. This enables running an application with hundreds of objects on the screen simultaneously without adversely impacting the performance of the game or of the mobile device regardless of how many other applications are running.
One of the biggest challenges associated with cross platform application development solutions are the device and operating system optimizations that are required for the applications to run smoothly. With 11,868 distinct Android devices today according to OpenSignal, a nearly 200% increase since 2012, the number of ‘optimizations’ required is only increasing.
And every time one of the operating systems is updated, most games and applications need to be ‘re-optimized’. Gingee provides a future-proof cross platform application development solution based on the company’s proprietary technology which analyzes relations between objects and maps them uniformly for all operating systems and devices. Therefore, there is never a need to ‘re-optimize’ an application, regardless of the device or operating system update, further reducing development time.
“We were able to launch Android and iOS versions of our application in significantly less time, without needing any optimization for any operating system, and our testing and user responses show that the applications provide a native and user-friendly experience regardless of the device or operating system,” said Shay Ben Asulin, co-founder, anyoption.
“We founded Gingee as application developers challenged by the fragmentation of devices, versions and operating systems, looking for a solution for our specific mobile application development pains,” said Gingee CEO & co-founder Roei Livneh, “Today, we’re excited to help mobile application developers by launching the Gingee cross platform application development solution free”