Yelp has open-sourced its code on GitHub for developers to use. Named PaaSTA, it’s a highly available distributed system for building, deploying, and running services using containers and Apache Mesos, according to its GitHub site.

Yelp also wrote that PaaSTA has been running in production at Yelp for more than a year, and there are still some “Yelpisms” in the codebase, which it encouraged developers to find and report. The platform is built on open-source projects such as Docker and Mesos, plus Marathon and Sensu, according to the company’s blog. PaaSTA combines the four tools to serve as a platform to build, deploy and run systems.

OpenCar reveals new infotainment system dev tool
Today, a Seattle-based automotive platform and tool provider, OpenCar, announced a new service called InsideTrack, which provides software development life-cycle management for developers of infotainment applications.

Automakers are trying to please consumers and still appeal to buyers, so they are leaving the fixed function software development approach and taking an agile model, according to a press release. With this, a common tool from OpenCar will allow automakers and their tier 1 partners to distribute development and manage their workflows. Developers and automakers can now merge and share applications, development tools, coding and more, according to the release.

Project Astoria by Windows on hold
Several sources are saying that Windows’ Project Astoria is not going as planned, and is currently on hold. Project Astoria was meant for developers to port their software to Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, and the goal was to close the app gap on Windows and Windows Phone, according to Windows Central.

Astoria is an Android emulator, which means the phone would run the Android APK file directly. This would make app piracy easier, along with undercutting Windows developers who would have no reason to make native Windows apps anymore, according to Windows Central.

Project Astoria forums haven’t been updated, and Microsoft has not talked about the project.