Google introduced a code search feature with cross references for the Android Open Source Project.

With the new feature, users are able to view the source code, navigate cross references across the entire code base and switch between Android’s open source branches.

The Android repository is made up of a collection of git repositories which are managed together using our ‘repo’ tool. Because of this, most tools (such as github, gitweb, etc) can’t see the source code the way that it’s laid out when it’s checked out on the system. In partnership with our colleagues who run Google’s internal Code Search and Kythe, we’re pleased to present a code search tool that presents a view of all of the Android source code as you actually use it,” the AOSP team wrote in a post.

DataRobot acquires Paxata for end to end AI
DataRobot announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Paxata to bolster end-to-end AI capabilities. 

“By providing tools that help users build automation into their data prep processes, the Paxata acquisition will alleviate these pain points for customers and dramatically enhance their ability to achieve AI-driven outcomes rapidly,” the company wrote in a post.

As part of the acquisition, the companies unveiled integration into DataRobot’s AI Catalog, which will make it easier for business analysts and data scientists to prepare data for machine learning, the company explained.

Visual Studio Code 1.41 released
Microsoft released Visual Studio Code 1.41 with new features such as compact folders in Explorer, the ability to edit left side of diff views and updated search results while typing. 

The release also includes improvements to the problems panel and many notable fixes. 

The full list of improvements in Visual Studio Code 1.41 are available here.

Qt 5.14 released
Qt 5.14 was released with improvements and the addition of Qt Quick Timeline, which adds the ability to animate properties via timelines, and WheelHandler, an event handler for the mouse wheel. 

Qt explained that the 5.14 release is aims to start making Qt independent of the 3D graphics API provided by the operating system.  

“We are working on some larger changes to our graphics stack to prepare Qt for the challenges that lie ahead in terms of productivity, graphics API support and performance,” the company added in a blog post.