The team at Google recently announced a new Prediction Framework in order to help users implement and accelerate first-party data prediction projects by providing the backbone elements of the predictive process.

The framework is a customizable pipeline that simplifies the implementation of prediction projects. Users only need to have the input data source, the logic to extract and process the data, and a Vertex AutoML model readily available along with the right feature list, and the Prediction Framework will be in charge of creating and deploying the required artifacts.

The framework was built to be hosted in the Google Cloud Platform and it utilizes all of the Cloud Functions in order to complete data processing. To start using the Prediction Framework, a configuration file must be prepared with a few environment variables. 

Flutter releases MIX

Flutter, the open-source UI software developer kit created by Google, recently announced MIX, a new tool for building design systems. The tool helps users build design systems expressively and easily by offering building blocks that help developers and designers create aesthetically pleasing and consistent user interfaces for their applications. 

MIX acts as a helper for easily maintaining a design language by utilizing the composition style of Flutter along with the advantage of inheritance for all attributes. To experience and get a feel for MIX, users should create a new Flutter project and integrate MIX with it. 

For more information on this release, visit here

Apache news roundup 

For the week ending on December 24, 2021, 317 Apache Committers changed 9,133,089 lines of code over 3,258 commits. The top 5 contributors are Gary Gregory, Harikrishna Patnala, Claus Ibsen, Duo Zhang, and Andi Huber. 

Additionally, Apache released Apache NiFi 1.15.2, Apache HBase 3.0.0-alpha-2, Apache Parquet 1.11.2 and 1.12.12, Apache Archiva 2.2.7, Apache JSPwiki 2.11.1, Apache Traffic Control 6.0.2, Apache Jackrabbit FileVault 3.5.8, Apache Tika 1.28 and 2.2.1, Apache Geode 1.12.7, 1.13.6, and 1.14.2, Apache Ignite 2.11.1, Apache PLC4X 0.9.1, Apache OFBitz 18.12.04, and several others.

For a full list of these releases, visit here.