GrammaTech, a leading provider of software assurance, hardening, and cyber-security solutions, today announced the release of CodeSonar 4.2. The latest version of their flagship static analysis tool, which finds critical software defects and security vulnerabilities in code, has been enhanced to more effectively serve enterprise environments.

The advancements in CodeSonar were designed to better assist enterprises, with broader team support and large application/portfolio capabilities. Managers of projects in large organizations will be able to more efficiently manage projects with CodeSonar 4.2 in several ways:

  • Speed and efficiency. In addition to an enhanced ability to analyze multiple concurrent projects, CodeSonar 4.2 benefits from tune-ups that allow for higher speed in processing very large codebases.
  • Integrations. Improvements in CodeSonar 4.2 were designed to help with integrations within enterprise-level software systems, including support for the bug-tracking tool Jira and continuous integration tool Jenkins.
  • Software standards. Enhancements to security and safety standard support in CodeSonar 4.2 include broader CWE and MISRA coverage, to more effectively support organizations with standards compliance. CodeSonar’s automation effectively aids in the testing and documentation requirements for coding standards, significantly reducing the burden for certification.

CodeSonar 4.2 also includes routine enhancements to the product, such as an upgrade to the parser to give better compatibility with modern C/C++ dialects, and upgrades to CodeSonar’s binary analysis engine.

“Static analysis is an essential component in the software assurance toolset, especially for organizations with large systems and enormous amounts of code to test,” said Paul Anderson, VP of Engineering at GrammaTech. “CodeSonar’s newest enhancements bring the benefits of static analysis to large enterprises, to continue to help make software assurance and security assessments less daunting.”

CodeSonar 4.2 will be available in Q2.