GrapeCity, a global provider of award-winning enterprise software development tools, is pleased to announce the GrapeCity Documents v6 release. Developers will find many new features for business document processing. This latest release introduces two new controls to view and edit images and view data files: JavaScript-based GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer and GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer. Additionally, the team has enhanced the GrapeCity Documents for Word Report Templates, paginated spreadsheet reports in GrapeCity Documents for Excel, and much more.

The latest GrapeCity Documents release launches the new GrapeCity Documents Data Viewer. This control allows developers to build cross-platform web applications to load and view data documents across browsers using the major JavaScript frameworks. Currently, GrapeCity Documents DataViewer supports loading Excel and CSV data files. In addition to the Data Viewer, the team has included GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer, a JavaScript-based client-side control for GrapeCity Documents for Imaging. The control supports viewing and editing images in popular formats. It provides plugin support for adding image editing options and the ability to download the edited image on the client-side. GrapeCity Documents Image Viewer can be conveniently embedded in major web frameworks such as pure JavaScript, Angular, Vue, ASP. NET Core, ASP. NET MVC, HTML5, React, and Preact. Explore these new controls in the release announcement.

With GrapeCity Document’s v6 release, developers can programmatically generate data-bound Word (.docx) templates in .NET applications using GrapeCity Documents for Word (GcWord). This new feature allows .NET computer programmers to quickly implement ‘if/else/endif’ statements to define conditions to show or hide a whole block or multiple blocks of data from the generated Word (.docx) at once. Visit the website to learn more about this new feature and additional updates to GrapeCity Documents for Word.

In the v6 release of GrapeCity Documents for Excel, developers can programmatically generate pixel-perfect, highly formatted spreadsheet reports with a purposeful design that renders data in a table and can carry the table onto continuous worksheets with breaks and headers/footers. These spreadsheet reports are designed to be exported and shared. Read the release announcement to discover more details about paginated spreadsheet reports and additional enhancements to GrapeCity Documents for Excel.

“We are excited to announce the release of GrapeCity Documents v6 and share the exciting enhancements to our suite of document APIs,” said Product Manager Shilpa Sharma. “This release brings several new features for business document processing – we are confident they will improve the product experience for enterprise developers and their upcoming projects.”