Today, GrapeCity PowerTools, publishers of the award-winning ActiveReports, and Spread products, announces the availability of their rich collection of products together in one affordable package.

At the core of every business application is data. PowerSuite provides developers with a complete suite of .NET controls to add effective data interaction, decision support and business intelligence capabilities to their .NET applications.  For information on all of the products included in PowerSuite, visit

PowerSuite includes the following components:

• ActiveReports Professional – The report designer preferred by the industry’s elite developers for its blazing-fast performance and pure power.   
• Spread.NET Professional –Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet functionality for advanced business, engineering and scientific applications.
• ActiveAnalysis –Interactive data analysis, OLAP and business intelligence control for your applications providing pivot grid, drill-down, visualization, and more.
• MultiRow –Innovative grid component for logically presenting data in template layouts that you design.  
• ActiveChart –Flexible chart control for enhanced graphical presentation of data, beautiful 2D and 3D charts within your Spreadsheets or as a stand-alone control.

Commenting on the release, Robby Powell, Director of Development said, “I am excited that our rich, deep-functionality developer components are now available together in a suite. The three main components evaluators look for when reviewing collections or suites are: reporting, grids, and charts.  PowerSuite responds to these evaluations with our rich, high-quality controls at an incredible value.”

“PowerSuite provides our industry with a rich set of proven components.  If you are already a fan of GrapeCity PowerTools, I’m sure the full component set included in PowerSuite will excite you.  I invite you to download, evaluate and see for yourself.” said Rick Williamson, GrapeCity PowerTools General Manager.