Gupta Technologies, a global provider of application development, database and migration software, today announced the launch of its cross-platform mobile application development solution, TD Mobile. The new product accelerates development time and reduces the cost to develop mobile business applications by packaging the technologies needed for mobile development into one system and eliminating the coding required to connect backend services with the UI. TD Mobile enables users to create mobile business apps for smartphones and tablets across all mobile platforms.

Developing mobile business applications requires many different technologies—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the front end and Java or .NET, web services, JSON on the backend. Typically developers have to jump back and forth between files and write a significant amount of code, which requires longer development cycles and specialized skill sets. In addition, fragmentation around multiple display sizes and the requirements for data transfer between the front and back end further add to the complexity of mobile development. TD Mobile addresses these challenges by unifying all the technologies into one easy to use system and eliminates the coding required to connect backend services with the UI. With less coding, the time and cost to develop an app is significantly reduced.

“Our focus in developing TD Mobile was all about simplification and speed for developers. In order for users to easily and quickly create mobile apps that access their backend business data, they need software that unifies and packages all the technologies for mobile development into a single system usable by developers of all skill levels,” said Frank Verardi, Vice President and General Manager of Gupta Technologies. “TD Mobile builds on Gupta’s 30 years of experience in development and database software with a solution that reduces coding, streamlines the binding of screens to backend data and speeds testing and deployment to enable cost effective, fast implementation of mobile business applications.”

What customers are saying:
“With TD Mobile, building a mobile business application was simple and straightforward. Because TD Mobile packages all the technologies into one system and removes a lot of coding normally required, we were able to build and deploy an app for our client in one month,” said Brian Bulaw, President of Power Chord Systems. “Our client wanted to eliminate paperwork generated in the field as crews performed street repairs and sync the data in real time with the city’s workflow management system. Using the TD Mobile app, a crew is able record their work on site through their smart phones. The GPS location is recorded, photos are taken to document work performed, and the amounts of materials used are all recorded. Our client is now looking to eliminate paperwork and streamline operations in other aspects of the city’s public works department using TD Mobile applications.”

“Our web-based product, ‘Onlineakte,’ enables our customers to manage their case files and claims data online through their desktop browser. Using TD Mobile, we built a read-only mobile version of ‘Onlineakte’ in a few days,” said Matthias Lüling, Developer at Advo-web GmbH. “TD Mobile enabled us to not have to write a single line of HTML5 or JavaScript code and to reuse our application code, web services and .NET assemblies, which greatly accelerated development of the new mobile app. We look forward to completing the write-access phase of our implementation and delivering a fully functioning mobile version of ‘Onlineakte’ to our customers.”

“TD Mobile allowed us to build a cost-effective mobile solution for our client who wanted to provide real time updates on shipment location and status, planned arrival times and ability to verify orders upon delivery,” said Edward Forrest, CEO of Continental Software Services Ltd. “With increasing traffic congestion, actual delivery times were difficult to predict accurately. We were impressed with the ease and speed at which we were able to develop the app with TD Mobile and the simplicity of connecting the data from our core ‘QFreight’ system with the location tracking GPS features of the device. Our client was able to monitor deliveries and times due at its locations, which greatly enhanced its customer service and satisfaction.”

Key features of TD Mobile include:
• Cross-platform. Developers use one source code for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, and other leading mobile devices.
• One application and team. Developers build one app, one time to run on all mobile devices. Developers do not need specialized skills for every device OS.
• Support for every display size. Apps automatically scale to the resolution of the device. Developers can also choose to design separate screens for tablets and smartphones to accommodate for the differences in screen real estate.
• Drag and drop development. Developers have quick access to screens to compile and test versus opening menus and searching through complicated cascading menu structures. An interactive page designer and predefined themes for look and feel as well as the ability to design themes speed GUI development.
• No coding data binding. Developers do not need to code JavaScript to bind screen objects to Web Services return values, which can be cumbersome and time consuming.
• Internationalization. TD Mobile features built-in app internationalization. Developers enter multiple language UI strings and at runtime TD Mobile detects the language to use based on the device locale.
• Wizard-based deployment. Developers identify the server and deployment directory and deploy the app with the click of a button. Users launch the app through an icon on the device. There is no app store approval process required.

Availability: TD Mobile is immediately available. A free 30 day trial is available for download from