Gurock today announced the release of TestRail 5.0, a new version of their web-based test management tool. The new version introduces an all-new JIRA integration for both JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server to directly view and track linked TestRail test results, test cases and reports inside JIRA. TestRail 5.0 also introduces new live defect reports, external requirement lookup, new Confluence and intranet integrations, test result context tabs and much more.

TestRail’s new JIRA integration comes with add-ons for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud to add new TestRail integration options directly inside JIRA. The universal integration enables teams to view test results and related comments, screenshots and files for issues from JIRA. The add-ons also make it easy to create new linked test cases for JIRA requirements and review related test case links. Full dashboard pages inside JIRA enable teams to view rich testing metrics and reports without leaving the application.

TestRail can be integrated with dozens of tools to link test results to issues, create bug reports found during testing and to submit automated test results. The new version also introduces live defect reports to view the status and additional details of linked defects from JIRA, Redmine, FogBugz, Rally and many more tools. TestRail 5.0 also supports full lookup integration for referenced requirements, so it’s easy to review reference details in TestRail.

To make it easier to see related test results and bug reports for tests, the new version also introduces new context, history and defect tabs for test results. This helps teams identify related test results and bug reports faster and is especially helpful when testing a build against multiple platforms such as web browsers, mobile devices and operation systems. Additionally, TestRail 5.0 adds new section-based result statistics to make it easier to review results for specific modules, features and application areas.

New embeddable dashboards can now also be used to add TestRail testing metrics to wiki applications such as Confluence, intranet systems such as SharePoint or any other internal dashboard page. TestRail 5.0 also comes with new Markdown table formatting options, improved project user access, a JIRA integration wizard and more.

TestRail is used by thousands of software teams and quality assurance departments to manage, organize and track their software testing efforts. TestRail is available as a web-based SaaS/cloud edition or can be installed on a local server. Gurock is making TestRail 5.0 available to all customers starting today and TestRail Cloud users have already been upgraded automatically. A free trial version of TestRail can be registered on Gurock’s website.