Hansoft, award-winning tool for agile team collaboration and management, releases a ready-made integration with Git.

The Hansoft-Git integration works out of the box with minimal effort for IT professionals setting it up. The integration allows you to link Git commits with items in Hansoft with a click. The integration is bi-directional, and allows the user to tag Git commits on submission, or after the commit has been made.

“Git users can now automatically link commits to tasks, stories, bugs and other items in Hansoft with only one click and put them to completion. Teams looking for traceability and better quality reviewing processes get a solution that scales to thousands of users, with the real-time performance of Hansoft and Git. Most of our customers are large teams of teams making innovative software products that they need to bring to the market faster. We have noticed that many of these teams are increasingly using Git instead of their old SCM tools, and with the Hansoft-Git integration they get a package that truly empowers them to outperform the competition,” said Patric Palm, Hansoft CEO

Read more about the Hansoft-Git integration at: www.hansoft.com/git-integration
Watch a short introduction video here: http://www.hansoft.com/videoitem/5804/