SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GraphQL innovation leader Hasura today announced a new integration for Snowflake that allows mutual customers to instantly create a GraphQL data API on Snowflake Cloud Data Platform. Available today in beta for Hasura Cloud and Enterprise users, this read-only integration significantly reduces the time necessary to connect multiple data sources, accelerating embedded analytics for customer-facing applications and enabling rapid development of internal applications and integrations leveraging Snowflake-aggregated data.

“One of the benefits of using Snowflake is that it is easily integrated with a variety of tools and frameworks, giving organizations more flexibility when choosing how to build their applications,” said Paul Nashawaty, Senior Analyst, ESG. “Still, using Snowflake with multiple data sources can be challenging due to the need to keep track of all the different types of data that are being stored in each file. Because each type of data source has its own file format, each file must be read differently when it is being analyzed. Hasura integration with Snowflake gives users the ability to streamline queries and outputs, saving time and money and increasing productivity.”

With Hasura GraphQL, data APIs can be set up quickly and easily without the need to write even a single line of code. With just a few clicks, users can connect Hasura to Snowflake and generate fast and secure APIs to serve data to internal/external consumers and applications. Hasura lets users leverage the data stored in Snowflake in new and innovative ways by making data more accessible and easier to work with, enabling them to unlock more value from their data investments. In addition, because Hasura auto-generates documentation for users’ APIs, it’s easy for developers to start working with this data right away, eliminating hours of training. Snowflake integration builds atop existing Hasura support for data sources including PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Google BigQuery, Amazon Athena and CockroachDB.

Sample use cases include:

  • Surface Analytics Data in Customer-facing and Internal Apps: Development teams can quickly build a GraphQL API for Snowflake that efficiently serves up data from multiple tables, all within a single query, instead of making multiple fetches to individual tables. This lets developers efficiently serve Snowflake data to mobile and web applications, while saving countless hours writing additional APIs and queries required to access that data.
  • Share Snowflake Data with Internal and External Consumers via APIs: Data teams can create APIs to open Snowflake data to a broader set of internal and external stakeholders. Sharing data via APIs is a more secure and controlled way to open data access compared to alternatives, especially in regulated environments. With the Hasura connector, customers can now generate and secure those APIs in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise.
  • Joining Data from Snowflake and Other Sources: Customers now have an easy and efficient way to join Snowflake data with data from other sources (databases, warehouses, third party APIs, etc.). For example, if a company needs to map order data in Snowflake and shipment data in PostgreSQL during order fulfillment, they can do that easily because Hasura GraphQL Engine supports those data sources and cross-source GraphQL joins.

One major challenge in working with multiple data sources is that each data source may have different security protocols in place, making it difficult to give users access to all the data they need without compromising security. To alleviate this issue, all requests to the Hasura API are encrypted by default, with the platform also offering granular data access control. By using Hasura’s GraphQL Data APIs, organizations are able to create a unified data access platform across all of Hasura’s supported databases as well as other GraphQL and REST services.

“Accessing data – both application and analytical – over an API helps not only accelerate development time but also greatly increases data security,” said Hasura Co-founder and CEO Tanmai Gopal. “The innovations we announced today let Snowflake users quickly provide secure API access to their data and eliminate expensive consultants or months spent writing code to generate, secure and deploy APIs. With Hasura GraphQL APIs, all of that work is done for you so you can focus on what’s important – running your business.”

For more information, read our launch blog post, our docs, or join the Hasura Discord.