Hive-IO today launched its software-defined compute solution available as a complete infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering for large enterprise and SMB customers.  This solution – based on the world’s largest virtual infrastructure implementation – is offered at a small fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.

“The public cloud is too open to provide a secure infrastructure and the private cloud is too costly and cumbersome.  We offer a unified architecture on a bare metal install that removes up to 30% of existing hardware requirements and eliminates vendor layer complexity in a cost-effective holistic solution. As enterprises and organizations look forward to cloud-enablement, the lightweight approach offered by Hive-IO provides a clear upgrade to traditional VDI, servers, storage, and platform solutions. ”

Kevin McNamara, CTO and Founder, Hive-IO

Hive-IO provides and advanced, cost-effective approach to your infrastructure:

  • We provide a single unified holistic solution or VDI, servers, storage and infrastructure virtualization.
  • We reduce the cost of a typical VDI implementation by 50%.
  • We remove an average of 40% of traditional vendor bloat by removing agents, services and compute sprawl.
  • We deliver our solution on your premise or in hybrid cloud based on your needs. Your data never leaves your premises.
  • We offer you the ability to manage your solution or we can manage it remotely.

“The Hive-IO team originated from R&D teams of some of the worlds largest financial institutions and have been involved in the creation and deployment of massive virtualization platforms numbering hundreds of thousands of nodes across all geographies. Our customers see Hive-IO cloud-enablement with a simplified architecture as a clear enhancement to their existing implementations.”

Joe Makoid, President, CEO and Founder, Hive-IO

For more information and to arrange a demonstration of the Hive-IO software-defined infrastructure solution or for architecture details email