Monaca, the HTML5 hybrid app development platform, is releasing additions to its core development platform with local syncing and integration to the Cordova command line. Monaca Localkit allows developers to bring projects into any local development environment but still sync back to the cloud as needed. They can mix and match dev tools. Monaca CLI integrates directly with Cordova commands. The newest version of Monaca including Localkit and CLI is available immediately.

“Developers need tools that are simple and stress-free. Monaca supports two configurations: local development or complete cloud development, depending on your needs,” said Masahiro Tanaka, CEO of Monaca. “Our browser-based IDE is provided if you want to quickly turn your idea to an app, without setting up your local environment. Or just use our Monaca local tools that connect to our cloud. Simple and stress-free is important.”

The new Monaca Localkit is a Win/Mac standalone app and includes advanced JavaScript debugging and DOM inspection, import project, multiple pairings and more.

“Doctors and others in medicine have big ideas, but many lack the technical skills to build effective prototypes. Monaca is a great tool to bring these ideas to life.” — Ted W. James, MD, Internal Medicine Senior Resident

“I needed something that allowed me to quickly get the project done. The environment was Linux-only and I really liked the remote build feature (Ionic doesn’t have one), so I thought it was a good fit.” — Sean Murray, Consultant/Independent Contractor

Monaca Localkit and Monaca CLI products are bundled with the Monaca platform and are available immediately as a 30-day trial of the free “Basic” plan. Paying customers receive unlimited access at no additional cost.

For a limited time, Monaca yearly subscriptions that include Monaca Localkit and Monaca CLI can be purchased for 25% off. Be sure to use the coupon code LOCALKIT4ALL when upgrading your plan. This offer lasts until July 31, 2015.

To start using the new Monaca immediately: