Incentive, a leading provider of a complete social intranet for mid-market organizations and enterprise teams, today announced the general availability of its Fall Edition 2015. The new release includes an enhanced user experience and advanced features such as polls, autosave, an improved search function and a Windows File Server integration that enables companies to collaborate on local files natively within Incentive. These new features and integration continue to build on Incentive’s real-time collaboration capabilities that empower enterprises to be more productive and get work done together.

Incentive combines all the features teams need to be more efficient, capture individual and collective knowledge and collaborate within a single, secure platform. With everything in one central location, employees save time spent switching between multiple browser tabs and platforms to improve productivity.

“These new features will take Incentive users’ ability to collaborate and work efficiently to the next level,” said Rickard Hansson, CEO and founder of Incentive. “Incentive is all about simplifying our users’ lives and business processes and maximizing what they can do with their time.”

The new features for the Fall Edition 2015, which help improve collaboration and the user experience, include:

  • Windows File Server Integration: Now, organizations using Windows File Servers can securely access and collaborate on files natively within Incentive. Designed with Microsoft architecture in mind, Incentive leverages software in use by billions of customers and organizations across the world. Windows File Server has about 75 percent market share for x86 server operating systems. With one-click integration, companies that have a complex network structure or require strict security standards can easily search for, access, discuss, share, comment, like and collaborate on local files, as well as get updates in the Incentive News Feed whenever local files are edited.
  • Closed Spaces: With new private areas for collaboration, teams and departments can keep conversations, documents and other information private and accessible only by members.
  • Polls: This new feature gives users an easy way to pose questions and collect responses from colleagues, fostering teamwork and knowledge sharing.
  • Autosave: Now documents are continuously saved as users are editing to ensure no work is lost and make document collaboration more efficient.
  • Enhanced User Experience: With new layouts for its member and group directories and the ability to change colors and add a company’s logo, enterprises can customize Incentive however they want. A new, easy-to-use drag and drop feature also makes working with documents more efficient by enabling users to drag images right into the editor of a document without needing to upload them first.
  • Strengthened Search Function: Incentive’s smart search engine now provides sharper relevancy and prioritization of items to help employees quickly discover information they need to work more efficiently.
  • Web Notifications: Users can now receive notifications directly in their web browser for real-time updates.

All new features are also available on the recently released Incentive mobile apps for iOS and Android and desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Chrome. The new apps give users the full experience of Incentive regardless of location, enabling real-time collaboration and greater productivity.

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