A .NET component software provider has brought its user experience-centric NetAdvantage collection of charts, gauges and maps to SharePoint, enabling users to create custom data visualization displays.

NetAdvantage for SharePoint is a collection of Web Parts that business users can work with to create their own reports, freeing up IT staff for other development projects, according to Dean Guida, president of Infragistics. The product will be available tomorrow.

“[Business Intelligence] in SharePoint is very complex,” said Jason Beres, director of product management at Infragistics. “It takes a lot of work in [Microsoft’s] PerformancePoint to get there.”

The Data Chart Web Part lets users present information in columns, step lines, ranges and others, while the Gauge Web Part can display information in radial charts, such as what you would see in an automotive tachometer; or a linear gauge, such as newer cars use to present the car’s current rate of speed.

NetAdvantage also has a Version Timeline Web Part, which Beres said “replaces the default history in SharePoint for a nicer experience.” Versions can be reviewed based on specific times, or by creator, among several choices for presentation.

The Web Parts bind SharePoint List or Excel Services spreadsheet data, and can also tie in data through Microsoft’s Business Connectivity Services.

Infragistics also sells NetAdvantage Ultimate, which includes UI components, controls and data visualizations for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, jQuery, Silverlight and Visual Studio LightSwitch.

NetAdvantage for SharePoint costs US$4,995 per Web server under a perpetual license, and includes two releases each year. NetAdvantage Ultimate subscribers automatically receive a developer-only license to set and test Web Parts; Web server deployments require a paid server license.